New NZ Registry Protocol


The .nz Registry replacement will use the industry standard EPP protocol. The current system already supports EPP so we have migrated our system to use it instead of the original SRS protocol.  Unfortunately, EPP does not provide exactly the same functionality and imposes some restrictions that SRS did not.  The change in functionality has meant we have had to adapt our business processes to accommodate EPP.  In most respect, the changes will have little impact for you.  The most noticeable change may be a short delay (1-5 minutes) in confirming some activities i.e. requesting a new UDAI.

The restriction that has had the most impact is the format of phone numbers.  A non-conforming number will now cause any domain update to fail. We have audited our database and corrected contact details where necessary.  This did result in emails to our customers showing the details for a domain, which has caused some confusion as our email doesn't show what was modified.  An example of the sort of correction was changing +6-4-91234567 to +64-9-1234567



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