Getting the details right


The Domain Name Commission (DNC) have received a number of inquiries about the provision of UDAIs. The UDAI is a key used to make changes on a domain name or transfer the management of a domain name to another registrar.

Registrants typically want it when they are changing service providers. UDAIs only last for 30 days for security reasons. Registrants with domain names licensed for more than one month will often need a new UDAI. The UDAI is sent to a registrant’s email contained in the registration record. If this email belongs to a web designer, a former staff member, or IT contractor, the provision of a UDAI is much harder. Getting one will involve a lot of back and forth emails between registrars, resellers, registrants and the DNCL.

To avoid delays with renewals and transfers, registrants should always have control over the email address listed in their domain name registration record. That way UDAI requests are much more straightforward and changes to a domain name record can happen much faster.

Source: DNC Newsletter Jan 2020



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